Market Research & Political Polling

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Advocacy Calling and GOTV

Especially in races such as legislative, school board, and municipal races, as much personal contact as possible is the preferred method for reaching voters. We are strong advocates of short “conversations” with voters from paid agents. While it would be ideal for these to be conducted by volunteers, in reality, this is difficult to do in today’s world. At CMA Strategies, we have a cadre of professional agents (some of whom have worked for us for more than 15 years) who specialize in this advocacy. We develop a full calling program for identifying supporters and swing voters. These are not cookie-cutter programs. Communicating with rural senior citizens can be much different than young suburban professionals, and your calling program should recognize this. The options are many and will be guided by the survey results and list capability.

There is no substitute for a solid GOTV program – and they are not all the same. Understanding early and absentee voting proclivities are vital to developing a winning GOTV program. We incorporate historical and polling data to devise the right GOTV program for your campaign.

Polling and Survey Research

CMA is a true believer that information is only as good as the data collected. As such the company keeps tight control over this process and its principles directly oversee all interviewing and have been doing so since 1989. As a result, in 1994, CMA principles achieved national acclaim and were named one of the top polling firms in the nation according to Campaigns & Elections Magazine.

Today, CMA prides itself on using both the latest technology while also understanding there is no short-cut for quality research. The data-center has 35 stations and employs more than 65 agents all trained in data collection and operation of our state-of-the art CATI system.