Government Relations

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CMA Strategies provides the full range of services clients expect from a legislative consulting firm of our standing.

Session preparation may include drafting legislation and seeking the agreement of the appropriate legislators to carry the measure. Strategies are aimed at maximizing advantages and minimizing opposition are developed and implemented by CMA lobbyists. Position papers are prepared and distributed to members of the legislative as necessary. Preparing clients to be effective at the capitol helps them forge their own lasting relationships with legislators and is an important component of legislative work.

During session, events can happen quickly. Therefore, CMA always maintains a presence at the capitol during session. CMA employs a sophisticated bill tracking system that provides real time information regarding client legislation to the lobbyist at the capitol. CMA’s three lobbyists work together to quickly respond to problems that may arise or to heavily work an issue at a critical stage in the process. CMA also has a lobbyist dedicating to preparing legislative summaries and tracking reports for clients and any materials necessary for educating legislative members.

CMA services are provided all year – not just during legislative sessions. CMA will continuously monitor issues that could impact or affect our clients. CMA lobbyists are available year-round for consultation and advice. Our lobbyists are ready to attend gatherings important to our clients such as legislative committee hearings, state commission meetings, or client meetings.

CMA is always willing to engage, in a constructive manner, opponents of our client’s legislative agenda to work out a compromise consistent with the best interests of the client. CMA clients benefit from pre-session and post-session reports. These reports provide analysis of the larger context of the legislative session and the likely impact on client interests. Clients are provided with weekly legislative updates dealing with the latest action on each bill being tracked and the likely next step. Copies of the latest version of the tracked legislation are also provided.

CMA will make available thorough analysis of individual legislative races and candidates each election year. This is a valuable service that allows clients to target resources in the most effective and efficient manner. No other firm has the experience and knowledge of CMA in this area.

CMA has the capacity to monitor any number of bills in real time. This allows for quick response to developments affecting the industry. CMA works with every client to establish the quickest and most effective means to address hot issues as they arise.

We also believe clients should receive an honest assessment of the challenges facing an issue and the chances of success of a particular initiative so sound and responsible decisions can be made.

There are several keys to legislative success and CMA is committed to each. The first is a strong reputation for honesty. Second, a thorough understanding of each issue important to a client is expected by legislators and owed to the client. CMA lobbyists consider this a top priority and will do what is necessary to become educated. Assessing support and opposition, the legislative impact, and political dynamics affecting each issue are necessary arrows in a lobbyist’s quiver.

The first two keys to legislative success are all important to the next – relationships. CMA Strategies has helped elect more public office holders in Oklahoma than any other firm in the state. We are proud of our strong relationships with public officials including state legislators. Consequently, our relationships with many influential legislators are deeper than a typical lobbyist relationship.