Campaign Consulting

OK Cap Splash

CMA Strategies has been involved in every key election battle in Oklahoma for the past two decades. In addition, they have worked in races across America. In fact, CMA has formulated campaign strategy for countless campaigns in over fifteen states. They have also been involved with three national campaigns.

CMA Strategies specializes in congressional and statewide campaigns. Each election cycle, the firm limits the number of consulting contracts so that the staff may have a concentrated and intense level of involvement with each campaign. The CMA team makes the commitment to be involved with every campaign for which CMA serves.

Moreover, each campaign plan is custom designed to fit the unique needs of the client. CMA does not believe campaigns can be done with a cookie cutter approach – no two campaigns are ever the same.

To provide each candidate with unsurpassed service, it is essential that the consultant and the campaign have a good exchange of information through constant communication. The lead consultant for a campaign works with the campaign manager on literally a day-to-day basis.

In addition to their strategic skill, CMA personnel have a reputation for maintaining perspective during the inevitable campaign emergencies that arise. CMA is available to its campaigns 24/7 for crisis management.

Campaign consulting is both a science and an art. As such only the kind of campaign experience that results from years of hands-on involvement can form the basis for successful strategic advice. There is no one with more experience or with stronger credentials than the CMA team.