About CMA Strategies




The bottom line of CMA Strategies, Inc. is winning. Whether it’s a corporate campaign, legislative agenda, grassroots initiative, political race, polling, or direct mail, CMA Strategies is going to win. But it’s not just the attitude. It’s the experience, the know-how, the strategic thinking, the judgment and the skill. It’s the results. CMA is a nationally recognized firm specializing in political consulting, government relations, grassroots advocacy, survey and market research, creative concept design, and direct mail services as well as corporate positioning services. CMA’s partners have over 60 years of combined experience, and their associates bring even more expertise. CMA is one of the most broad-based and capable firms in politics, and unrivaled in the industry.



CMA Strategies is dedicated to producing successful results for clients in the midst of rapidly changing environments, looming deadlines, and political pressure.
CMA Strategies treats clients as partners keeping them apprised of relevant issues and developments with a 24/7 hands on approach so that strategic decisions can be made in real time. Client success is our number one priority.



CMA Strategies has a reputation for integrity, hard work, experience and successful results. The CMA team carefully protects and maintains not only our own reputation, as well as, those of our clients. We are dedicated to a high level of professionalism and will represent you with integrity. We’ve worked hard to earn our reputation, and we’ll work harder to keep it.